I’ve collaborated with my Mom!.

Seascape is a reflection of the ways in which the sea has and continues to influence the lives of those inhabiting its bounded lands. It is an ode to the ecosystem, both local and global. It alludes to the web of human relationships that hold our fragile ecology together; the engraved and printed nets emerge through the natural beauty of the sea and the flow of its waves. The crowds of humans who weave their own uncertain journeys across the Mediterranean are also part of this narrative.

The sound similarly explores this reflection; a dialogue seems to exist between the wind instrument and wind itself, between the natural sound of waves and the aquatic, submerged world. This dialogue appears to break down, eroded by the will of the wave, signalling an emergent need to extend our boundaries of thought. The viewer is invited to expand their framework of care, extending it to other humans and perhaps even non-human entities and environments.

You can find Seascape on Evgenia’s website


You can listen to the original sound here ⏬ (headphones recommended!)