Elias is a composer and producer from Cyprus. In 2018, they moved to Scotland to pursue a career in music, graduating with a degree in Music from the University of Edinburgh in 2022.

Elias has composed music for moving picture with directors from across the world. His work for ‘Night Lives’, a short-length documetary, was recognised at the 2020 Luma Festival.
He has produced genre-bending music with Netherlands-based musician Dugan and is releasing experimental electornic music under his alias, Dense Theory.
In addition to his work as a composer and music producer, Elias is a saxophonist with an interest in electroacoustic performance and human-computer interfacing.

More recently, Elias has been working as producer in the performing arts and is bringing a show from Cyprus, It’s Magic, but is it Art? to the 2023 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

CV available on request.

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Photo Credit: Overelated