Happy Birthday, Mom

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As I progress with more confidence into my adulthood, my gratitude and respect for my mom has only grown. This incredible woman raised me to be compassionate, curious, and creative—and she did so as a single parent. Thanks to her, I grew up in a home filled with art, friends, food, and laughter. We share an incredible bond that is hard to put into words. It is often intense and full of emotions but always underpinned by love and mutual respect. I owe her everything.

She’s a badass. Born a middle child between two brothers in rural Cyprus, she ventured behind the Iron Curtain to train as an artist in the Soviet Union—a world that imploded as soon as she graduated. She returned home with a heavy cast-iron press and began her career as an artist-printmaker. Since then, her work has explored the outer edges of printmaking as a creative method.

From her current vantage point, she looks back at three decades of uncompromising artistic endeavour and continues to produce work that is both compelling and political. Through her forms and motifs, she has anticipated contemporary discourses on ecology with incredible foresight. Yet she remains humble and grounded in the modesty of craft. I recently collaborated with her for the first time by writing music for a new video installation work titled “Seascape,” displayed late last month at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. My mom is probably my biggest inspiration. I love her very much. Her laughter is loud and fills every room she’s in.

Happy Birthday, Mom

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