Three months in Glasgow

Dec 14, 2023 | 2 minutes read

It’s mid-December, and I’m back home in Cyprus to celebrate Christmas. Winter here comes into sharp contrast with Glasgow’s short, wet, and cold days. I was lucky enough to see the first winter snow, which fell softly on the evening of December first.

Snow on the first night of December

Outside Queens Park Botanic Gardens

Before that, I watched as the trees shed their leaves and put on the best show. Five years later and I’m stick awestruck by Scotland’s autumn.Fall in Bearsden

My mother feels cold in Nicosia, yet I’ve felt nothing but cozy since arriving here last Friday. . . The evidence suggests I’ve acclimatised to Scotland’s harsh winter. It has certainly taken time to feel this way. Indeed, I now cherish the ceremony of going outside . . . planning my layers, checking the forecast and letting out a sigh of relief when the rain breaks.

The returning reader will remember that I moved to Glasgow in September. I moved across from Edinburgh in search of work and to new beginnings! Luck was on my side, it seems, because in the three months since moving I’ve found a wonderful, rewarding workplace (stay tuned for an update on this in the new year!). Moreover, what Glasgow lacks in tourism-board-certified vistas for postcards, it makes up with its people and its bustling music scene.

While I do not (as of yet) concur with the Glaswegian maxim ‘Edinburgh’s shite’, I am definitely happy with my choice to relocate. Things appear to be moving in good ways. I’m feeling inspired to listen, write, and play music. There are friendly faces all around. I now live in the same city as my lovely cousin and some dear friends from Cyprus. I get to teach, and engage children! I get to discover the secrets of a brand new place.

C.P Kavafy’s poem “The City”, still lurks in the back of my mind, but with so many things to be grateful for, I am entering this new year with optimism and excitement. I’m learning more and more everyday and remain boundlessly curious. I’m finding repose to many of my internal questions and challenges and feel a growing confidence in my ability to overcome hardship.

Winter in Cyprus is precious. Sunny as ever, but not oppressively so. I can hear children laughing as they break to recess at the school near my house. I love my country and its people.

Sending you all my best wishes,