It’s Magic, but is it Art

Aug 10, 2023 | 1 minute read


How would it feel to watch a conjuror perform in the Middle Ages, when suspected witches and sorcerers were cruelly tortured or burnt alive at the stake?

What if you then traveled, via some shamanistic ritual and a shared dream through an imaginary plane … all the way to the conceptual art of today?

In this modern magic show, Dimis takes you on a journey to explore the changing meaning of art and magic. He will tell stories and challenge your mind, as good art and magic must always do.



After our fully sold-out preview run in Cyprus, we’re ready for our world premiere at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival! Fringe Dates

14-19 and 21-27 August, 2023 at 12.20 (1 hr) │£12 (£10)
Paradise in the Vault (Venue 29)
11 Merchant Street, Edinburgh EH1 2QD

Tickets on sale now!
Duration: 1 hour
Recommended Ages: 12+